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Twitter users double down on jokes about 280-character limit

Tweets can now be twice as wordy! What could go wrong? Take it away, tweeters.

Twitter started testing a new 280-character limit for tweets on Wednesday, doubling the previous message limit. (The service has started by inviting a select group to try out the wordiness, but we tell you how to get it yourself.)

CEO Jack Dorsey explained (in a long tweet, naturally) that the original 140-character limit was arbitrary, and called the new size "a small change, but a big move."

Filmmaker Simon Barrett ("V/H/S") slyly pointed out that much of Dorsey's wordy tweet was really unnecessary, and Dorsey agreed.

And it didn't take users long to start poking fun at the whole concept of much wordier messages, referencing everything from the famed six-word baby shoes novel to Smashmouth's oft-quoted "All Star."

The concept is still new, but like anything, users will eventually get used to it. Eventually. Maybe. Or not.