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$25,000 uber-box gets Blu-ray

SE2 Labs' "ITC One" media system adds to its already-long list of features.

SE2 Labs

When SE2 Labs debuted its "ITC One" media system late last year, one of the complaints was that it lacked a Blu-ray player. That might seem picky at first blush, until one surveys the laundry list of functions this uber-box already provides: an Xbox 360, HD personal video recorder, digital amplifiers, surround-sound processor, touch screen, and iPod dock, to name a few.

If they're going to jam all that into a home entertainment system that's "roughly the size of two PC consoles," the thinking goes, then it doesn't seem altogether unreasonable to expect a Blu-ray drive as well--especially with a price tag of $25,000. So the company has answered that challenge by adding the victorious video format as it begins shipping the steroidal device this week. And if you think 25 grand is a lot, consider this: You could be paying $17,000 for a Blu-ray player alone.