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25 best concert Blu-ray discs

What are the best concert videos on Blu-ray? Check out our list of top discs that will rock your home theater.

We've put together a few roundups of top Blu-ray discs, but for some reason, trying to do a list of the best concert Blu-ray discs was more challenging. Part of the problem is that music--and musical tastes--are such personal things that it's hard to declare something the "best" or "top" when it's more than likely that a lot of people will think the pick is bad because they simply don't like the artist or band.

That's totally understandable, so I apologize in advance if some of these picks don't appeal to you. The idea was to put together a list of discs that offered good audio/video quality, were enhanced with the move to Blu-ray (from DVD in some cases), were well produced, had some replay value, and generally rocked your home theater.

Hopefully, there's something here for everyone, but there's a good chance that we left something worthy off the list, so we encourage you to make your case for your favorite concert Blu-ray disc--or criticize our picks. As I always say, taste is subjective, and if you don't like our picks, call us out and make your own suggestions in the comments section. If you're persuasive enough, we'll edit the list and swap in new titles.

Click on any image to view the discs we did pick.

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