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$24 sticker kit makes your iPhone 5 look like an iPhone 5S

New vinyl kits mimic the look of Apple's new trio of iPhone colors on older Apple devices, sans the features.


A gold iPhone 5S may be difficult to get at the moment, but making your old iPhone look like one is proving to be far easier.

A new set of vinyl kits from MobileFun that run around $23.49 (plus shipping) can make an iPhone 5 look like a gold iPhone 5S, or one of the other two colors -- silver and space Gray.

It's not as drastic (or pricey) as something like AnoStyle, which actually changes the color finish of the aluminum, but also means you're not voiding your warranty.

It's difficult to tell just how well the vinyl stickers pull off the look, as the store photos appear to simply be reposted versions of Apple's beauty shots. However its creators promise to "replicate the iPhone 5S' styling" right down to the metallic-looking ring around the Touch ID home button.

(Via Redmond Pie)

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