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24-inch Acer monitor embeds Nvidia 3D

Nvidia announced today that the Acer GN245HQ will be one of the first WLED-backlit monitors to embed Nvidia 3D emitter technology.

The 24-inch GN245HQ has a typical Acer aesthetic style. Nvidia

LAS VEGAS--One of the problems I've had with most 3D monitors released so far is that they seemed to have had their 3D support shoehorned in.

Seemingly, the monitor manufacturer took a normal 60Hz monitor and simply tacked on 3D support--if that could considered a simple process--and did not develop a monitor with 3D in mind from the ground up.

At CES this week, Nvidia and Acer are attempting to change that perception with the Acer GN245HQ.

The GN245HQ is one of the first monitors to embed the 3D Vision Kit's 3D emitter.

Previously, in order to make use of the 3D Vision Kit, an included, but physically separate 3D emitter connected to the PC via USB was required. This emitter added to the clutter of using the device so it's exciting to see Nvidia being rid of it, at least with the Acer monitor.

The monitor includes a 1920x1080 resolution as well as support for dual-link DVI, and HDMI 1.4 inputs. It will also be one of the first 3D-capable monitors to include an WLED (white light-emitting diode) backlight.

We'll have more info on price and availability soon.