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24-inch, 2.66GHz Apple iMac reviewed

Our review of Apple's new $1,499 iMac is live

Apple's new $1,499 iMac Sarah Tew/CNET


First review done. Click here for the details. The video should be up soon if it's not already.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The short of it is that we like the new iMac, and we think most of you will, too. We love the price for the 24-inch display, and Apple's multitasking performance continues to make Vista look bad. We were surprised by the chopped down keyboard, which we didn't hate, but we're glad the full-sized version is still an option. We also find it interesting that Apple hasn't really responded to the Sony's and the HP's of the all-in-one Windows world by adding any major transformative features to the iMac. We don't think it's a problem necessarily, but we also wonder if Apple will be able to get away with it next time around.

We have one more review coming in tonight. The other two systems will likely go up by the end of the week.

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