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24-hour design marathon to benefit children's nonprofit

A challenge is under way to help one lucky nonprofit come up with a new Web site and marketing plan.

ZurbWired in action
ZurbWired in action Zurb

Companies everywhere get stuck. A lack of resources or passion--as well as any number of dysfunctions that can plague an organization--can all get in the way of building great things online. Today, a close-knit Bay Area design firm called Zurb is trying to help one lucky nonprofit get unstuck.

Today marked the kickoff of this year's ZurbWired design marathon, an annual event during which the Zurb team and a group of volunteers work together to pull off a marketing miracle for a nonprofit in 24 hours. This year, the fourth annual event of its kind, the challenge will benefit Rebekah Children's Services, a nonprofit organization providing services to support children and families.

The Zurb team, its volunteers, and members of RCS will attempt to build an entire campaign that includes a Web site, newsletter, and printed materials--all in 24 hours. Rebekah's team will have to make tough decisions and commit to them, according to Bryan Zmijewski, Zurb's chief instigator.

"There's an endless list of reasons why something can't be done," Zmijewski said. "Sometimes it takes a spark to get people out of the same-old-same-old ways of doing business."

The Rebekah's Children Services Web site is currently the primary source of information about the organization but the group has lacked resources and marketing direction to use the site to raise awareness and funds. Unfortunately, like most nonprofits, the team doesn't have much in the way of a marketing budget. This event provides them with much-needed advice and skills in raising their profile.

Last year the Zurb team came very close but did not accomplish everything they had planned. As they attempt to best themselves this year, the team is filming the entire event as well as posting video clips, pictures, and progress on