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24/7, Kanoodle team up on targeted ads

Second-tier paid-search company plans to license 24/7 Real Media's Web surfer analysis system in order to develop its own service for behaviorally targeted text ads.

Web advertising company 24/7 Real Media has partnered with second-tier paid-search company to introduce behaviorally targeted text ads, the companies said Monday. Under the deal, New York-based Kanoodle will license 24/7's system for analyzing the behavior of Web surfers across multiple Web sites, keeping tabs on their surfing habits and preferences. It plans to apply that analysis to deliver text ads across its own network of Web sites and to introduce a product called BehaviorTarget in the next two months. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The announcement comes as New York-based Tacoda Systems, which sells technology to deliver behaviorally targeted display ads, is preparing a similar service, through which advertisers can pay to reach a certain demographic through sponsored text links on Tacoda partner Web sites.