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23-inch Asus (or is it "A-Soose") monitor reviewed

Asus's VH236H gets reviewed. As does the pronunciation of "Asus."

The Asus VH236H is mocking you. Corinne Schulze/CNET

Has there ever been definitive confirmation of the pronunciation of "Asus"? Some say "A-Suhs," or "A-Soose," or even "A-Zues." I myself have always been an "A-Suhs" type of guy, as I just can't bring myself to say "A-Soose" every time I talk about one of the company's products.

So it goes with the Asus ("A-Suhs") VH236H 16:9, 23-inch monitor, which I feel mocks me with the true pronunciation of its name. I reviewed it last week, and with the holiday and strange rash of celebrity deaths, you may have missed it.

According to a few e-mails I've gotten lately, you may not even know where other monitor reviews can be found or that CNET even reviews monitors at all. So this entire blog post could very well be a life-changing experience for you. Yes, I think I'll choose to believe that today.