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21 reasons to avoid the water entirely

This week I'm sharing an Instagram account that's not about photography. It illustrates why you can never be too careful around large bodies of water.

Every week I've been highlighting some of my favorite Instagram accounts to share some great photography that you probably wouldn't see otherwise. Mostly I've been showcasing outdoor photography, such as JonTaylorSweet and Dylan Furst, but I also like architecture- and city-focused accounts like nextsubject and Cim Ek. Other times I'll highlight accounts that I just think have cool photos like the abandoned places of ItsAbandoned.

This week I have something very different.

The Kookslams Instagram account is not about great photography -- or really -- photography at all. Instead it's about watching videos of people making bad decisions that often end up with terrible results and sometimes even worse. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that watching these often beach-related accidents unfold one after the other makes me feel guilty on a lot of levels, but at the same time I feel the need to watch "just one more."

So be prepared for what I'm about to unleash on all of you, and those with high degrees of empathy may want to steer clear. For the rest of you, I think you'll quickly see why I'm sharing this strange Instagram account. Pay close attention to the captions, but watch out for typically cruel internet commenters.

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