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2008 CES: R2-D2's Reincarnation as a projector or webcam

R2-D2 found at the CES, but as a consumer product.

U2 can take home R2 for $2500 Kevin Ho

Hardly a Geek could help but smile at the R2-D2 digital projector from Nikko. The latest incarnation of the licensed R2 franchise is functional: The large version of R2 hooks up with any standard media, but doesn't do High-Def nor does it really save you from the evil galactic empire as its made of shiny plastic and the Millennium Falcon that comes with it only doubles as a remote control. A lightsaber you want, it is, then your option is to get the smaller version of R2 that is actually a webcam and the lightsaber is a remote for that. If you get both, I'm sure you'd be entitled to be called a Grand Moff, or Darth Dorkus. Go on, you know you want to. But you may not, if you see the price...

Assessment: Form factor - is kitchy, endearing and somewhat plastic - very appealing. Price is high ($2500 for the R2 project/MF remote and $250 for the R2 webcam/lightsaber remote). Available March 2008.

R2 and Friends from Nikko