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2007 Chrysler Sebring's MyGIG

2007 Chrysler Sebring's MyGIG

When it announced in July that it was going to put a 20GB hard drive in its next-generation Sebring, Chrysler got our attention. While we were relatively unsurprised that the 2007 Mercedes S550 came with onboard storage capabilities for its navigation data, we were impressed that DCX was going to offer that feature--called MyGIG--on its midmarket sedan.

I just got a close-up look at the Sebring's head unit here at the Paris Auto Show. It wasn't fired up, but I got a pretty good idea of how the interface works. As well as the option of ripping CDs directly to the hard drive, a USB port hidden behind a pull-off panel allows you to upload digital music files, photos, or movies to the car's storage library. Music can then be played on demand using Gracenote's audio database, while movies and photos can be viewed on the Sebring's touch-screen, in-dash, LCD navigation display.

The USB port/hard drive tech combo also enables drivers to upload map updates to the navigation system without the hassle of having to replace a DVD. While there will be those who don't want yet another location for their music collection--in addition to their CD rack, their PC, and their MP3 player--we think this is a very cool feature that will increase the Sebring's appeal to digital media customers.