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2006 Chicago Auto Show

2006 Chicago Auto Show

CNET Car Tech isn't attending the Chicago Auto Show this year, but has a slide show of some of the concept vehicles on display. The Chicago show isn't big on technology, and many of the concepts were also seen at Detroit. One concept that caught my eye, however, is the Bluetec Jeep Grand Cherokee. This car represents some of the research DaimlerChrysler is doing into clean diesel. At the Detroit show, we also saw a Bluetec Mercedes-Benz ML series, and at Frankfurt, a Bluetec S-class hybrid. In the Grand Cherokee, the Bluetec system makes the diesel engine more efficient and uses various technologies to clean up the emissions. The Grand Cherokee could certainly use the help. We had a 2006 model in for review recently, and, though powerful, it got only 11mpg with its gasoline-fueled V-8.