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200 people remade Shrek and now it's totally hallucinogenic

Shrek gets a patchwork live-action and animated retelling that feels like a fever dream.

Here is just one Shrek performer of many in Shrek Retold.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

If you watched the 2001 DreamWorks animated hit Shrek and thought, "That was pretty good, but it didn't make me feel like I was lost and shivering inside the folds of Timothy Leary's cerebral cortex," then you need to watch Shrek Retold.

Shrek Retold is a remake of Shrek created with the contributions of over 200 people. It's live action. It's animated. It's effing weird. This Shrek remodel is way wilder than anything the official DreamWorks reboot could think up.

The bizarre retelling of the awkward ogre's story was dragged into existence by Milwaukee, Wisconsin, comedy group 3GI. You can visit the group's website if you dare, but it will hurt your eyeballs and assault your ears. 

3GI is responsible for a yearly Shrekfest celebration featuring homemade costumes and an onion-eating contest.

It's hard to describe Shrek Retold. There's an anime-style fight sequence. There's a guy slathered in green paint. There are disembodied heads flying through space. There's a bearded dude in a red wig playing Princess Fiona. It also manages to more or less communicate the story of the original film.

If you approach Shrek Retold in the spirit it's offered, as a crazy experimental art project with a genuine love of Shrek behind it, then you won't be disappointed. It may even open your mind.