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200-MHz Pentiums dry up

Many vendors have a major backlog of orders for machines with Intel's 200-MHz Pentium processors.

Want to get your hands on the latest and greatest Pentium processor? Good luck.

Many vendors have a major backlog of orders for machines with 200-MHz Pentium processors made by Intel, CNET has learned.

Intel, which is an investor in CNET, today confirmed that it was having trouble meeting demand for its fastest Pentium processor, which was introduced in June.

"Demand has been stronger than we expected. Availability continues to be tight," an Intel official said. Intel expects to be able to fully meet demand by mid-September, the official added.

Gateway has a backorder of 32 working days for machines with Pentium 200 processors. In contrast, a 200-MHz Pentium Pro, with 256K of integrated cache, is available within six days.

Micron also has a four-week wait for the 200-MHz Pentium systems and the delay is only slightly better at Dell Computer, where customers must wait 15 to 17 days for the speedier systems.

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