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$200 for a spot in the 3G iPhone line

People are getting a bit irrational about the iPhone.

Apple employees treat us right in SLC Matt Asay

A lady in front of me at the Salt Lake City Apple Store just bought her spot for $200. (I was lucky - a friend from work saved me a spot, so after changing diapers and cleaning the toilet this morning, I strolled down to my place in line at 8:30. Even so, it has been nearly three hours so far....)

At least the Apple employees have been great. They've been handing out snow cones (see picture at right), water, lawn chairs, etc. The line is atrocious and it's caused by the cumbersome setup process that AT&T and Apple devised. But it's bearable.

I just heard from a friend that he was sixteenth in line at the AT&T store in Redmond, Washington. Number 15 was Bill Gates. Steve Ballmer? He's still in the back complaining about the lack of a physical keyboard. "Who would want one of these?" he keeps muttering.

Things haven't been this crazy since the launch of Windows Mobile. Not.