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20 useless Firefox add-ons (slideshow)

We've scoured most of Mozilla's catalog to find Firefox extensions that simply should not exist. Click through to see our gallery of misses.

There are more than 7,000 Firefox extensions in Mozilla's official catalog, and a good portion of them can drastically improve how you browse the Web. Then there are the stinkers. These add-ons that actually make the browser slower, or harder to use. We've compiled a list of 20 that you should steer clear from, if only for their lack of basic utility.

It's worth noting I went through more than 7,000 extensions to come up with this list and it was incredibly tough to even come up with 20. It can also be argued that some of the ones on this list are, in fact, useful to a select few.

Nearly all of the ones on this list are up to date, but there are a few that won't work with the latest version of Firefox. We've noted that in the description. Also, for the respect of your mouse clicks I've pasted in the full list, with links to each one on Mozilla's add-ons site after the page break.

The full list (in no particular order):

SayHi Bacolicious
Pimp's Load
China Channel
The JackassBar
Consciousness Bell
Remove Links
YouTube Auto Replay
Take me to this URL
Tab Killer
Fuzzy Time
Raed Tihs!
Back to Close
Beer Oclock
Bork Bork Bork!