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2-in-1 iPhone Lightning cable inspired by Transformers

The Orobis Transform 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro-USB cable takes an Autobot approach to cable design with a foldable connector tip.

Orobis Transform cable close-up
It's a Lightning and a Micro-USB in one. Orobis

Cable clutter is the bane of gadget hounds everywhere. If you can find a way to ditch a cable, it's a beautiful thing. I guess that makes the Orobis Transform cable a beautiful thing. It combines an Apple Lightning connector with a Micro-USB connector leading to a standard USB connector on the other end.

The idea of a 2-in-1 cable isn't new. What's cool is how the Transform handles it. Inspired by the Transformers, the Lightning part of the cable fits over the Micro-USB part. To expose the Micro-USB, you slide a small latch, fold it over, and plug it in. It's cute and functional.

The Orobis Transform is mercifully much simpler to assemble and re-assemble than a lot of the the Transformers toys. I recently spent 20 minutes trying to sort out an Optimus Prime. The Transform is just a matter of sliding and folding.

Orobis has a working prototype and a factory lined up to churn out 100,000 units for the first production run. Now, it just needs the funding to pull it off. That's where the Indiegogo campaign comes in. Orobis is trying to put together $25,000 in funding.

An $18 pledge will get you a Transform cable in either black or white. The expected retail price is $29.99. Ultimately, the design is convenient and clever. If you like the idea of having one less cable getting tangled in the bottom of your bag, then it's worth a look.

Orobis Transform cable
The Orobis cable is all about convenience. Orobis