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18k camera salutes bad taste

Pentax throws in crocodile print leather for good measure

What is it about anniversaries that makes companies lose all sense of good taste? (If they had any to begin with, that is.) Throw in the term "limited edition" and things are certain to get ugly in a hurry.

Asahi LX Gold

Case in point: Pentax's "Asahi LX Gold," to celebrate its 60th year in business. But it didn't stop at the camera's 18k casing--Pentax had to add crocodile-print leather as well, presumably because it needed that extra something to finish it off. Luxist says the camera isn't just all about show and features the "world's first complete dustproof and waterproof SLR case design." If you let this thing near the water, you're either an idiot or have too much money for your own good. (Pictured here is the first LX Gold, which Pentax issued in 1981, but the newer version looks remarkably similar.)

We have only one comment: Where's the leopard skin?