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16GB Creative Zen V Plus coming soon?

Creative sneaks a 16GB version of the Zen V Plus onto its Singapore Web site.

Creative Labs

It seems that there is a benefit to running Creative fan site EpiZENter, and that's that you notice sneaky Creative moves before the "other guys" (in this case, me). The astute fellows over at DAPreview have caught sight of a 16GB version of the Zen V Plus over at Creative's Singapore store. We already knew that 16GB flash devices were imminent, but this is the first player that's been officially listed in that capacity. However, the product is currently not in stock, so it may not end up being the first one out the gate. Still, it's exciting to see a 16-gigger listed. The player, which is listed for $399 SGD ($263.29 U.S.), will be identical to the others in its family but for the color scheme: this one comes in black with white accenting.