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16 stunning shots from a little known Instagrammer

I was tipped off via Twitter to a photography hobbyist on Instagram. I liked his stuff so much I wanted to share it with you.

Continuing my project of sharing Instagram accounts you may have never seen, I have a special one this week you should check out.

A person that follows me on Twitter (@jparkerCNET ) pointed me in the direction of dulalullah, which is run by a chemical engineer and material science scientist, according to the account description. Dulalullah doesn't have a lot of followers, but as I scrolled through the photos, I could see why someone passed it on to me.

Dulalullah seems to be a hobbyist rather than a pro, but I was immediately impressed with his focus on colors. Whether it's flowers, architecture or people at a street market, I think you'll agree that this guy takes great shots.

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