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15 tweets to help make your Thanksgiving a good one

Social Studies: There are a lot of cynics on Twitter, but I managed to find a few users who are looking forward to the holiday dinner and even offer some good advice.

Social Studies looks at what's trending on social media throughout the day so you don't have to.

Thanksgiving, as you probably know, is this Thursday and the conversation about the holiday is ramping up on social networks. A new hashtag game called #SurvivalGuideToThanksgiving is getting a lot of responses on Twitter with tips for getting you through the holiday.

Unlike a related hashtag I wrote about last week, there is a lot more positivity in this thread. There's still plenty of joking around, but the mood seems a little brighter overall. Maybe people are starting to crave turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Maybe it's the promise of pumpkin pie. Or maybe some people are simply excited to sit down for a family meal (imagine that!). Whatever it is, the cynicism has been dialed back a notch.

Like I said, there's still comedy:

The cynics are still out in force:

But there's also practical advice:

And even some people that seem to be looking forward to it: