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15 Instagram photos that turn normal structures into toys

After trying (and failing) to describe the tilt-shift effect to a friend recently, I decided to head over to Instagram where there are a ton of great examples.

Just the other day I was trying to tell someone about the tilt-shift effect in photography and found it's not so easy to explain. You can't do it justice unless you show examples.

Saying, "it basically blurs the edges of the photo and makes things appear miniature" sort of describes the effect. But you really have to see it in action to understand.

There are tons of apps for iOS and Android that help you create the effect, but I decided to search Instagram for some of the best examples I could find from around the world.

I'll start with an example that illustrates tilt-shift extremely well because the Eiffel Tower is so recognizable and we all have a rough idea of how big it really is. But with tilt-shift effect, it makes it look like a toy.

Here are some other great shots I found: