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14-year-old arrested over texting in class

A Wisconsin girl was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for refusing to stop texting during high-school math.

It was math. It was, no doubt, more opaque than the truth about A-Rod. So a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl texted away.

Until she was taken away.

She was confronted by a school security officer at Wauwatosa High School, after she had ignored the math teacher's request to look at numbers instead of texting them.

At first, according to the police report, she denied having a phone. However, two of her class mates declared that this was not true. The phone, a Samsung Cricket, was then recovered from her person. From "the buttocks area," to be precise.

She was cited for disorderly conduct and will appear in court on April 20.

"Hey, Mom. Guess why the police came to school today?" CC Eron Gpsfs

I was unaware that schools employ security officers whose job appears to consist of covering for teachers' inability to get their students interested in algebra.

But this 14-year-old appears to be, as they say in riveting crime shows, already known to the police. The police report states: "The student is known to me and the administration on the basis of prior negative contacts."

What heinous acts this 14-year-old have committed before? Twittering in the school toilets, perhaps. Or posting nasty things about her teachers on Facebook.