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13 shots of the supermoon from around the world

Whenever there's a supermoon, it's always good to check out Instagram the next day where you can get photos of it from around the globe.

Did you see the full moon Tuesday night? For those who don't know, it wasn't just a full moon, but a supermoon. Supermoons happens when the moon passes closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit, making it appear much larger than usual.

Any time an eclipse, meteor shower or something else amazing visual happens, I open up Instagram. Not only do you get to see what people are talking about, you get to see it from vantage points from around the world.

Here are the shots that caught my eye. To start off, in London, 'tis the season:

This one is from Oslo, Norway:

Great colors and reflections in this shot from Los Angeles:

Looks like it was pretty cold in Kirov, Russia:

Nice reflection shot from Karlskrona, Sweden:

A shot through a tree in the Upper East Side of New York City:

It seems shooting the photo through trees was a popular strategy, as you'll see again here in Cambridge, UK:

Also in Middleton, Wisconsin:

Here's a shot of the coast of Sao Luis Island in northern Brazil:

In Spain, the moon had a bright red or orange color like in Barcelona:

Also here in Valencia:

Another from Catalonia:

Finally, from St. Petersburg, Florida, this clever photographer made the red moon look like it was balancing on top of a tower: