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'13 Reasons Why' rewinds first trailer on Netflix

The new young adult show brings cassette tapes to the streaming service.

Remember cassette tapes? Netflix does. The streaming service might be at the cutting edge of online entertainment, but it's harking back to retro formats with new young adult series "13 Reasons Why".

The show is based on Jay Asher's best-selling books, in which a teenager finds mysterious cassette tapes recorded by his classmate and secret crush. On the tapes she explains the thirteen reasons why she has chosen to kill herself.

The series stars Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford, who auditioned via Skype from her native Australia, as the two teens whose stories entwine. It's produced by Selena Gomez and Oscar-winning "Spotlight" director Tom McCarthy, who also directed a couple of episodes.

"My niece, who was a teenager then, recommended it to me," said creator and producer Brian Yorkey of the original book. "I read the book in one setting... it was so powerful, it made me think about who I was in high school and how I treated people."

Yorkey and the stars discussed the show at a press event in Berlin today, where creators and stars from the streaming service's forthcoming original shows gave a taste of what we can expect.

In tackling the issue of teenage suicide, Yorkey insisted that the show would be "clear-eyed and brutally honest about the pain of suicide... First and foremost we were telling a story about the pain and why that should be avoided at all costs."

Among the other trailers landing today are teasers for supernatural drama "Dark" and Brad Pitt satire "War Machine".

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