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Best gifts for people who are obsessed with CrossFit in 2019

Your complete guide to gifting your fitness fiend of a friend.

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The very first and only rule to know about CrossFit, whether you partake or not, is to always talk about CrossFit (this isn't the Fight Club, after all). If you have a friend who loves CrossFit and all the workouts CrossFit offers, I'm sure you already know this very well and probably get annoyed about it (disclaimer: I'm a CrossFitter, so I can make jokes about fellow CrossFitters). 

This holiday season, make your friend's fitness-loving heart soar and help improve their strength training session or WOD (Workout of the Day) by gifting them with the best exercise gifts that every CrossFitter hopes and dreams for, but never asks someone to get for them. That's because CrossFit accessories aren't exactly known for being cheap, but there are plenty of budget-friendly fitness items on this list that are more creative than a water bottle, protein powder or weightlifting belt, with many in the $20 to $40 range. Plus, most of the more expensive fitness items offer payment plans. Get your protein shake ready and happy shopping, fitness lovers! 

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There are foam rollers, and then there are vibrating foam rollers. Hyperice is known for its vibration technology that apparently improves flexibility, mobility, workout performance and workout recovery after exercise at the gym or a WOD. For CrossFitters who always complain about soreness following training, the Vyper 2.0 may help with their workout recovery regimen

Fit Radio

Forget Pandora. Fit Radio was made for fitness fiends. The next best thing to a coach or a personal trainer, it features uptempo, hard-hitting playlists designed to get people excited and improve workout performance. New playlists come out often in a variety of genres, including pop, hip-hop, classic rock, hard rock and more, so every CrossFitter can enjoy their own version of hype music. You can purchase Fit Radio on a monthly subscription for $7.99, or prepay for a year for $59.99, which makes the most sense if you're giving it as a gift.

RPM Training

Double-unders are no joke. This advanced jump rope move (swinging the rope under your feet twice during a single jump) takes hours of practice to perfect, and most CrossFitters are familiar with the welts and whip marks that come with said practice while training with a jump rope. Having your own jump rope outside of what's available at the gym can really help your overall fitness, as it allows you to become familiar with the weight, speed and feel of the rope.


Pull-ups, toes-to-bar and muscle-ups -- oh my. CrossFitters constantly work on gymnastics movements that require great grip strength and tough hands to perfect while training. If you know a CrossFitter who's always battling blisters on their palms and fingers after the gym, give them the great gift of palm protection with JerkFit's WODies.


Some CrossFitters are more obsessed with gear and gadgets than fitness itself. If you have a friend who obsesses over gear like that (and a really big holiday budget for fitness gifts), they'd certainly enjoy a pair of NormaTec compression boots, a high-tech form of compression therapy that encourages blood flow to promote muscle recovery after hitting that open gym. Learn more about the NormaTec and other compression therapies.

Nordic Lifting

Between squats, lunges, box jumps, deadlifts and sprints, the knees of a CrossFitter definitely endure a lot while training (or even during a WOD). Compression sleeves for the knees help to evenly distribute pressure, offer shock absorption and support the joint to prevent pain, especially during heavy lifts and high-volume fitness workouts. 


Because of all of the overhead lifting movements one strives to perfect in CrossFit -- overhead squats, barbell presses, wall-balls, etc. -- sore wrists are common. Wrist wraps help keep your wrists stable during overhead weight training movements and are considered a necessary piece of fitness gear by many CrossFit athletes. 


There's been a consistent stream of new gear and apparel since CrossFit started picking up steam back in the early 2000s. NoBull has claimed its spot as one of the most high-end CrossFit apparel brands, sponsoring the likes of Brooke Wells and Tia-Clair Toomey. Not a high-top but not a regular shoe, the Mid Trainer is everything a CrossFitter wants in a shoe: Sturdy, durable, available in different colors, comfortable with socks and good-looking. 

GripTight / Amazon

CrossFit athletes love to video and share their WOD, especially when they're going for a new personal best while lifting. And if they don't already have a phone tripod, chances are they attempt to prop their phone up on stacks of weights, jerk blocks or barbell racks. Or they do some kind of sandwich thing: Dumbbell, phone, dumbbell. This one small, inexpensive gadget can make that all so much easier and turn out to be one of the best CrossFit gifts around. 

The Ready State

When you're squatting, lunging, lifting, pressing, pulling, jumping and running every day, muscles and joints get real tight. Help a CrossFitter out with their post gym workout by gifting them a mobility gear kit. This high quality starter kit from The Ready State, formerly MobilityWOD, includes everything a CrossFitter needs to become the definition of Dr. Kelly Starrett's "supple leopard."

Hyper Vest

CrossFit workouts are hard. Yet there's always someone who's adding extra weight, mileage or reps to make the day's workout even harder, all in the name of their fitness goals. If you know one of those CrossFitters, consider getting them a weighted vest, a great gift which makes any WOD at least five times more difficult.


CrossFitters are notorious for walking in and out of the gym, rubbing their shoulders and saying, "I need a massage," but never actually getting one. Well, gift that friend a massage gun so they can just do it on their own time. Why the Theragun Liv? Because it's a powerful tool from a reputable brand that's likely to work forever, and it doesn't come with the sticker shock of the more complex Theragun models. It's the perfect gift for sore musclesCompare other massage guns to the Theragun.

Focus Gear / Amazon

Well, you're going to need a cool bag to put all of your new gear in, right? Every serious CrossFitter needs a spacious gym bag (or multiple bags in multiple colors) with lots of pockets to hold all of their stuff -- especially sweaty clothes and socks, so bonus points if the bag has a dedicated pocket like this FocusGear Ultimate Gym Bag.