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125-inch plasma throws a curve

Prototype from Japan's Shinoda is just 1 millimeter thick.


NEC made a splash when it showed off its 42-inch curved display at CES earlier this year, but there are others in the works that make it seem downright puny. Take Shinoda Plasma, for example. The Japanese manufacturer has trotted out a 125-inch prototype that's not only flexible but just 1 millimeter thick and weighing only 8 pounds. It's reminiscent of that wraparound OLED screen we saw from Sony a year ago, though the plasma obviously uses different technology.

Shinoda's prototype falls a bit shy of a 142-inch promise it made last year, as Engadget notes, but the company says it will make up for that in the fall with a 150-inch version.

Our idea of the perfect use for it, if they can eventually improve on the 960 x 360 resolution: The "Motion-Pro II Simulator."