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122 hours of playing Black Ops 2 -- new world record

Australian Okan Kaya spent a week playing the new first-person shooter to set a new mark for the Guinness Book of Records.

Kaya at the moment he broke the gaming record -- 121 hours and 8 minutes in. Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET - Facebook

If video games truly desensitize us as much as some people would have you believe, then Australian Okan Kaya is a much more dangerous son-of-a-gun today than he was a week ago.

Today at the suburban Sydney offices of online retailer 4Cabling where he works as a sales manager, Kaya set a new Guinness World Record for longest video game marathon, after playing more than 122 hours of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

"This journey began nearly two years ago when I first heard about the record," Kaya said in an e-mail. "Back then it was 54 hours, and unfortunately earlier this year it skyrocketed to 120 hours."

That previous record of 120 hours and 7 minutes was set just this March by two Canadians. Kaya added a few hours to the mark in the hopes his record might last longer than eight months.

To preserve his health and sanity, Kaya was given regular checkups throughout the ordeal and was able to take a total of 20 hours of break time since beginning the marathon last Tuesday.

Now, he's sleeping it off and hopefully spending a day without a digital weapon in has hands.