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120GB Zune coming to a store near you

The device, which was just recently confirmed to be in the works by Microsoft, has popped up on a store shelf in Atlanta.

Updated at 2:30 p.m. PDT with Microsoft comment, and additional photos.

120GB Zune
A reader found the 120GB Zune for sale at Fry's for $250 Thursday. Joe

A reader was casually perusing the aisles of his local Fry's Electronics today hoping to buy an 80GB Zune. To Joe's surprise, he found the only-recently-confirmed 120GB Zune there, right below the Product Red 80GB version.

There were "about six" of the 120GB versions that he could see, but no new signage advertising it, he tells CNET.

He paid $250 for the device.

A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that this is "just the beginning" of the rollout of the newest Zune, and more retailers in other regions will start offering the device over the next few weeks.

120GB Zune unbox

(More pics after the break.)

120GB Zune unboxing

120GB Zune back