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120-inch arcade center might eat your home

At $3,999, you'd better make sure everyone in the house likes to play.


When it's not trying to bring back '70s-style game cabinets, Dream Arcades thinks big--as in systems with screens reaching 100-plus inches. And the strides made by display makers in the last year or two apparently have done nothing but encourage its mission.

The "Dreamcade Vision 120" isn't just a game system; it's an arcade center. In fact, Gizmowatch calls it "the world's largest multi-game home arcade," a grandiose claim that almost makes its $3,999 price tag seem reasonable. Almost.

Its projection screen is a full 120 inches of high-definition goodness and comes with new and old titles that can bridge generations, from Atari to the Wii. (More than 145 classics and 7,000 console games.) That's a good thing, because this monster won't leave much room for anything else in the house--just look at that picture. Or you could put it in the garage and just sit in the car.