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12 Monkeys, 3 editors, 2 Philips Hue lights

Syfy has partnered with Philips to sync Philips' Hue color changing LEDs with on-screen action of its new "12 Monkeys" ongoing TV series. Here's what it was like.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

We could have been home with our families.

From the bowels of the other CBS Interactive office here in Louisville, KY (the one with cable) Megan Wollerton, Ry Crist, and I elected to spend our Friday evening reporting on the experience of syncing your Philips Hue color-changing LED bulbs with the premiere of the new "12 Monkeys" ongoing TV series from Syfy.

If you follow this kind of thing, you may recall Syfy pulled a similar stunt with the Sharknado series.

Let the following collection of Tweets bring you along if you somehow didn't watch the light-enhanced spectacle yourself.

We hope the above gives you at least some idea about what it was like.