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10,000 bees swarm car after queen reportedly trapped in trunk

The swarm was finally shooed into a cardboard box, but we're giving up now. The bees can have this planet.


And this was after a bunch of the bees had been scared off.

Guardian video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

Well, we had a good run, humans. Had some wars and pandemics, sure, but did ourselves proud with that whole Renaissance thing. And that Chewbacca lady, she was pretty funny. But now we have to sign out for good and give up this entire planet. There is no way to go on living here now that we know 10,000 bees can mob a car, as happened in Wales this week.

"The insects are believed to have swarmed on to the back of a silver Mitsubishi Outlander after their queen got stuck in its boot," the Guardian reports. "Boot" being "car trunk" to Americans, not to be confused with "boot" as in "throw up," which is what I would have done had even a fraction of these little buzzers attached themselves to my car.

The Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association was called, and two hardy saviors, made of true British mettle, eventually managed to shove the swarm into what I am hoping was the world's sturdiest cardboard box.