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Watch what it's like to dive into 1,000 mousetraps

Say cheese! This painful stunt is actually rather beautiful, as long as it's happening to someone else.

Even setting off one mousetrap on yourself isn't fun, so what's it like to intentionally jump into 1,000 of them all at once? The Slow Mo Guys You Tube channel decided to find out, and the video they posted Wednesday quickly surpassed a million views.

Hosts Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy took four hours to set up the mega-load of mousetraps on a trampoline -- and only four seconds setting them all off once Gruchy took a flying leap off a ladder to land on them.

There's something kind of beautiful about the design the hosts made with the traps on the round trampoline, and when Gruchy hits the traps, it looks as if he's sinking into an abyss. It looks like some Steve-O from "Jackass" level torture, but Gruchy gives a surprising review of the experience.

Watch and see. But don't try this at home, unless you have a really big mouse.