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100-inch screen for Clintons and Kings of the world

Runco's $40,000 VideoWall VW-100HD 100-inch display.

It would be great to actually see one of these in action. Runco

A few weeks back I was watching Larry King Live, and his guest was Bill Clinton. They were talking about the financial crisis and Bill said something to the effect of, "You and I, we're going to be fine. Guys like us don't have to worry."

I guess guys like them are about the only people who could actually afford Runco's $40,000 VideoWall VW-100HD 100-inch display.

Now, of course there are businesses that will be interested in purchasing a 100-inch screen, but I get the feeling Runco sells more than a few of these to individuals as well, since according to the company, it is the "leading brand in luxury video solutions."

OK, enough of my bitter "I don't make as much money as Bill Clinton and Larry King and never will" hate speak.

The screen supports full 1080p HD resolution, and according to Runco, its VideoWalls are not as susceptible to the washed-out effect ambient light can have on screens. Runco's "Constant Contrast" technology allows the screen to incorporate frame-by-frame contrast correction to keep black levels low, regardless of ambient light, and the VW-100HD can purportedly reach contrast ratios in excess of 5000:1 ANSI.

Runco VideoWalls are rear-projection systems with a twist. Where traditional rear-projection video systems require more "throw" room to project the image onto the back of the screen, Runco claims its VideoWalls are "completely self-contained." The rear assembly is less than 32 inches, which is about a third of what rear projection displays usually require.

The system also includes "Positive Pressure Cooling" that reduces the need for excess cooling fans and makes for quieter operation. The display also includes high-altitude operation (10,000 feet above sea level). You know, in case you wanted to watch the game from the top floor of your private high-rise citadel.

Connection options include DVI, HDMI, Component, HD-15, S-Video, Composite, and RS-232. The product comes with a two-year standard warranty.

It would be great to actually test one of these things out to see just how good it really is. I'd feel weird, though, being responsible for a $40,000 TV. And anyway, I'm not sure I could actually fit that thing into the test lab.