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10 ways your memory fails you

From recall distortion to the Google effect, this video explains 10 of the more prominent ways our brains alter or misconstrue memories.

Who hasn't walked from one room to another and completely forgotten what they were going to do when they got there? Or had either a name or word on the tip of their tongue, but just couldn't manage to put their finger on what it was? These are just 2 of the 10 ten examples of ways we can't completely trust our memories, according to this new video from AllTime10s, purveyor of top-10 lists.

The video, based on various studies on memory, explains 10 ways our memories aren't always accurate, such as our tendency to believe that events occurred much more recently than they actually did. It also goes into how negative memories are more accurately and prominently stored than positive ones, and how Google is slowly changing how our brains work. You'll even learn which Beatles member had to pay $1.6 million in copyright damages for a tune he thought he wrote.