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10 must-see videos of the week

Hidden secrets inside iOS 7, five reasons why we're disappointed in the iPhone 5S, and a high-tech doorbell.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that this week was all about Apple. Not only did the iPhone 5S and 5C go on sale, but iOS 7 was finally released to the masses. In this week's roundup we've included our comprehensive video reviews of the new handsets, as well as a full rundown of all the new features in the latest OS. And if you've already upgraded, Brian Tong offers up some of the best hidden secrets inside iOS 7 in a new episode of Apple Byte.

We realize many of you may not be Apple enthusiasts, so for your viewing pleasure we're also serving up a brand-new segment of CNET's Next Big Thing where we compare and contrast 4K and OLED TVs. Plus: XCAR takes the latest Porsche 911 for a spin, Rumor Has It thinks you might want to wait on buying the Galaxy Gear, and we check out a high-tech doorbell.

1. Apple Byte: The best hidden secrets inside iOS 7

We'll show you some of the new tricks Apple hasn't talked about with iOS 7. Plus, are new iPads coming in gold and space gray?

2. Top 5: iPhone 5S disappointments

As much as you may love Apple, you have to admit that the iPhone 5S isn't perfect. Here are five reasons we're disappointed.

3. Next Big Thing: 4K and OLED: Which TV is right for you?

CNET's Brian Cooley compares and contrasts the two technologies and shows you why one is relevant today, the other more so tomorrow.

4. iPhone 5C: Colorful, less expensive, just as good as last year

Apple's candy-colored 5C feels family-friendly and costs less than before, and it hasn't lost a step over last year's iPhone 5.

5. Hands-on with the Bot Home Automation DoorBot

Turn your doorbell into a wireless gatekeeper with the Bot Home Automation DoorBot.

6. New look, new features in iOS 7

The graphical overhaul is what everyone is talking about, but there's more than just the look that's different in iOS 7.

7. Apple's iPhone 5S: A close look

Interesting design elements ensure that this isn't your ordinary hot spot.

8. Rumor Has It: Twitter wants to be the popular kid

You might want to wait before buying a Galaxy Gear, the iPhone 5S might not be the only golden child, and a Twitter iOS app redesign could really shake things up.

9. What it took to get a gold iPhone 5S on the first day

Hundreds of people lined up outside the San Francisco Apple store to be among the first to get their hands on the iPhone 5S, but only a lucky few were able to get the coveted gold iPhone. Apple handed out cards to buyers waiting in line that designated which iPhone they wanted, but workers ran out of the gold cards within the first hundred people.

10. Always On: Episode 51: Drones and the S4 Active

In this week's episode, we explore unmanned aerial vehicles, Molly brings us a mini rant, and we unbox the Galaxy S4 Active.