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Hoverboards and hobbits: 10 geek events of 2014 that rocked our nerdy world

From Groot swings to jetpacks, 2014 goosed our geeky hearts with zombie-proof cabins, comets, "Star Wars" and delicious crowdfunded potato salad.

Force Awakens pilot
It looks like we'll get some space battles in the new "Star Wars." Lucasfilm/Screenshot by CNET

If we were to cram all of our favorite geeky happenings from 2014 into one moment of sheer nerdsanity, it would involve riding on a hoverboard while watching the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer from the safety of a zombie-proof log cabin while eating potato salad for elevenses.

To follow that up, we would cosplay in a Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor outfit, strap on a jetpack, put some Lego female scientists together and then go outside and play on a Groot swing while contemplating the cosmos and the fate of the Rosetta mission's plucky little comet lander Philae.

Narrowing a year of epic geekiness down to just 10 highlights was a challenge. A spirited debate took place as to whether the Marvel universe-shaking "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" or the humorous "Guardians of the Galaxy" should be included. An avalanche of Groot-related fan projects, like a Groot swing and a chainsaw Groot, helped put "Guardians" over the top.

Thor as a woman and Klingon Bloodwine were two other tempting candidates that came close. The year's embarrassment of hoverboard riches, however, was an easy call. If I could squeeze one more topic into the top 10, I'd go with the announcement of the return of a momentous occasion that sparked renewed interest in David Lynch, Agent Cooper, owls and damn good coffee.

This has certainly been a memorable year for geek happenings, a fitting sequel to 2013's bounty of Batkid, lightsabers and Ben Affleck-Batman announcements. Did your favorite geek moment of 2014 make it onto our list? Tell us all about it the comments.

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