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10 Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Navigate the Firefox browser faster with these shortcuts.

The mouse is a lovely invention, but the keyboard is much faster. Your Internet connection is slow enough; you don't want to be slow using Firefox, too. So here are some Quick Tips for Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

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The back button. The backspace key or Delete button on a Mac, sends you back one page.

Need to type in a URL? F6 highlights the address bar. No more fumbling around with the mouse.

Need to search for a word on a page? Control-F in Windows or Command-F in a Mac opens the Find function.

Maybe you want to copy all the text on a page. CTRL-A in Windows or Command-A in Mac highlights everything for your cutting and pasting pleasure.

Want to quickly close a Tab? Control-W in Windows and yes Command-W in Mac closes it quick.

Of course, opening a new tab is as easy as Ctrl-T in Windows or Command-T in Mac.

And a new Window? You can almost guess it? Control-N in Windows Command-N in Mac.

Flip through all the tabs easily With CTRL-Tab. Or CTRL-Shift-Tab to go the other direction.

Can't remember that page you visited earlier today? Control Shift-H in Windows or Command-Shift-H in Mac pops-up your history.

And if for some reason you need to get to the bottom of a page fast, press End. To get back to the top, press Home.

There's certainly more shortcuts out there, so if you like these, keep your eyes sharp for other Firefox keyboard shortcuts.