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10 astounding sites from the latest web sensation

A web design and flash animation company called Sharper FX astounds the Web with its latest work for the International Congress of Churches and Ministers. But it is not the company's most astounding creation.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you see something and you know it is so extraordinary that it requires words? Many evocative and pulsating words.

However, the part of your being that is responsible for vocabulary sends you a message: "Oh, no, buddy. You're not bringing us into this. You're on your own. Just stick to facial ticks and gestures. You'll be fine."

Well, this just happened to me when someone sent me the latest and, perhaps, most extraordinary Web site sensation of the year.

It has been created by a company called Sharper FX on behalf of the International Congress of Churches and Ministers.

It has already enjoyed more than 6,000 Diggs. It has already been sent to me six times today. And it has already made me feel as if I am in the presence of at least six beings from a world not akin to any yet discovered.

The tone of the intro is set by the music. To call it somewhat portentous would be to call John Belushi somewhat less than alive.

This is the closest picture I could find that represents my feelings when watching Sharper FX's work. CC Mikelehen/Flickr

As the orchestra of celestial power clutches your ears, twists them, and orders you to obey, letters fly at you as if they are mere flares that warn of your impure nature.

Then it appears that lightning strikes. Or are those darting bolts simply fast-moving arrows shot by angels from on high? Sound effects soar, crash, boom, belch, roar.

There are some words, some hands, a globe, burning torches.

Is this a warning of the Apocalypse? Is this every possible creative tool being used simultaneously to tell me God has my number alright?

You see how the words are failing me? And this is just the intro. So please enjoy it for yourself.

Shortly after I tell you a little about the rest of Sharper FX's work.

Its Web site for the Truth Transformation Ministries also has portentous music and flashes and roars and rocks and lightning. While for the Evangel Cathedral, there is portentous music, lightning, flashes, roars, and the face of a very kindly looking bishop.

"Star Wars" is but a soap opera in mono, a Michael Bay movie is but a whisper compared to the power coiled here into short, sharp emoteathons.

Please let me be clear, I mean absolutely no disrespect to the religious organizations that are the clients of Sharper FX.

So many sites bore viewers into neutrality that to see something that cannot possibly leave you in any gear other than sport or reverse is truly the most astounding experience.

But before you leave this company's work (and there are at least 10 sites worth looking at when you go to, you must at least donate one minute of your life to the Flash intro for K&K Mime.

No words can describe it. No thoughts can be transmitted that might even come close to relaying the feelings it might engender. All I can say is that I have never, ever seen anything like it.

I intend to lie down now. For quite a while.