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1.3m Android devices switched on every day, 500m in total

500m Android devices have been activated globally, with 1.3m new gadgets added to the total every day.

Android's popularity is showing no sign of waning, with Google boasting that its robot-powered operating system has hit the 500 million activated devices milestone.

That means there are half a billion Android gadgets bleeping in pockets worldwide, with an eye-watering 1.3 million new devices adding to that total every day.

The big G revealed that Android had hit 400 million activations as recently as the end of June, and claimed 300 million activations in late February. Assuming that Google notifies us as soon as its operating system hits a significant milestone, this means that the growth of Android is accelerating.

"But how does Android fare against the iPhone?" I hear your subconscious cry. 9to5Mac reported in late June that analysts pegged total iPhone sales at 250 million, which is an impressive number, but significantly less than Android's total.

It's important to note that there are loads of very cheap Android phones, which is likely a big part of those impressive figures. It'll be interesting to see whether Apple uses its iPhone announcement tonight to reveal a cheaper iPhone 4 or 4S.

A final bit of good news -- Google has replaced the Jelly Bean statue that melted shortly after being installed, with the design changed as well. Gone is the see-through bean-filled tube, and in its place is a recognisable robot who's innards appear to be stuffed with Jelly Beans who stands watch over Google's lawn (see above). It does look a bit like his organs have spilled out, however.

Android's latest iteration -- 4.1 Jelly Bean -- is a very impressive bit of software, and helped propel the Google Nexus 7 tablet to a hefty four and a half stars in our review.

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Image credit: Hugo Barra on Google+