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1.25 million personal records have been stolen...and that's just this week

Now that's what I call security

While we spend countless hours trying to determine whether Windows is more secure than Linux, the "offline" world is proving itself to be the biggest security risk of all. In two separate instances, GE Money said it was missing a computer tape with 650,000 personal records, including 150,000 Social Security numbers, and the UK's Ministry of Defense managed to lose a laptop with the personal details of 600,000 new and prospective military recruits.

Not that losing 1.25 million personal records is all that big of a deal, right? After all, the United Kingdom recently lost two computer discs containing the personal details - including bank records - of 25 million people.

With this sort of a track record, people are probably better off dumping everything they can into Windows or Linux and letting a full army of hackers go after both. :-)