Summer Game Fest 2022: All the Announcements and Reveals

Here's everything shown at Keigh3!

Mark Serrels

Summer Games Fest is almost here!

Summer Games Fest

We didn't have E3 this year, so we pinned all of our video game dreams on Summer Game Fest, AKA Keigh3. That was probably a mistake.

Unfortunately Summer Game Fest was a little bit of a bust, but we've only got ourselves to blame. Geoff Keighley himself warned us to manage expectations, stating the show would mostly focus on existing, already announced games. He was right. It did, and it was a bit of a grind.

Please find below all the games as they were announced in our liveblog of the event. If you want to check out all the trailers from the event, head here.

Hello everyone!

By Mark Serrels

Well it's morning where I am (3.50am in Australia). Looks like they've already announced that Last of Us remaster officially. 

That's always felt like a weird one to remaster for me. Didn't it recently get a PS4 upgrade? Maybe it's the new Doom. Beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

Alright here we go...

By Mark Serrels

It has begun. We are live. Mr. Charisma Geoff Keighley is presenting. 

Again... Keighley is bracing folks for disappointment. I have a feeling this could be a bust.

Street Fighter 6

By Mark Serrels

Street Fighter 6 is first up, showing off proper footage of a game in progress. Looks good, but yeah Street Fighter has had this sorta style since the big reboot with Street Fighter 4. 

Looking forward to playing this for a couple of hours, getting wrecked online and never touching it until the next one.

Here's Guile. 


By Mark Serrels

Wait is this a new Alien game? I'm struggling here. Dunno what this is...

Yep it's an Alien game. 

Honestly though, don't people realise we want an Alien Isolation sequel? Why do we keep getting regular shooter style games when we really want a game that mimics the pacing of Alien. 

Aliens Dark Descent it's called, release date 2023. Looks bad, sorry. I'm not keen.

Callisto Protocol

By Mark Serrels

Geoff reminding everyone they broke news of this game last year.

It's funny, even though I reckon that Alien game will be bad, there something in Callisto Protocol that's got me a little more excited. I think it's the Dead Space vibe. 

This game looks good. Looks like it has its own aesthetic and weight. 

It's a bit full on though. Far out. December 2 2022 is the release date. Can't remember if that's breaking news or not.

We're now getting a live gameplay demo.

Again, Dead Space vibes off the charts here. Which makes sense as it's being made by Glen Schofield's studio, who was one of the original creators of Dead Space back in the day.

This game is stupidly violent. Wow. Looks good. I will play this.

Modern Warfare 2

By Mark Serrels

We've got a look at this game already live on our site, which you should check out.

They seem to be showing off one of the levels CNET man Oscar got to see during that preview event. At that event the team seemed really keen on selling this as a genuine evolution for the series. Back in the day Call of Duty always felt like a leap forward visually for shooters. I can't lie, this new demo gives me the same feeling. It just looks incredibly polished. 

I mean it's still very much Modern Warfare though. I mean... it's very much the same stuff we've been doing for decades now.

Just in general...

By Mark Serrels

Feels like this very much could be low key. We're dedicating a lot of time to games that wouldn't get a lot of time, say, at a Microsoft or Sony E3 presentation.

Maybe Geoff really meant it when he told us to temper our expectations.

That said, I absolutely agree with Lucy James, dungarees are back. 

Flashback 2

By Mark Serrels

Oh wow, Flashback is getting a sequel, set for release in December 2022. Apparently it continues the story of the original, which I've long forgotten.


By Mark Serrels

Man, this looks pretty good. Sorta like they dropped a dude with guns into Dark Souls. 

Fort Solis

By Mark Serrels

Man a lot of games with DARK SPACESHIP AESTHETIC. I guess its a vibe shift.

This is Fort Solis and looks kinda cool. Seems to be very performance and story driven, especially given the cast -- which includes the only video games voice actor most people can name, Troy Baker. 

Baker says the VERBS speak for themselves. Sounds like there's gonna be exploration elements, which I like. And -- like I guessed -- very narrative driven. To be honest, I'm keen on this.


By Mark Serrels

Okay another spooky ass game set in a decaying futuristic space. There's robots and it's very horror focused. It's called Routine. 

I guess Im keen.

The Rock

By Mark Serrels


Honestly though, The Rock is lame now, I'm just gonna say it. His Instagram is the worst and this segment is The Rock's insta gone into overdrive.

He's literally going through the list of things he's in or sponsored by.

Oh... he's here to show a Black Adam trailer. 

The Immovable

By Mark Serrels

I feel bad, I mostly missed this trailer because I was being mad about The Rock.


By Mark Serrels

New game, new thing here. Can't lie this isn't very inspiring. Another dark sci-fi game. Robots and demons fighting. Very generic. 

Apparently there's a 2023 beta. I don't even know what this game is.

Oh wait, a guy is here to explain.

Looks like it's an RTS and that was just a cut-scene style trailer. Looks like this is done by ex-Blizzard folks, which I guess bodes well.


By Mark Serrels

Finally, some color. Highwater's whole thing is "the world ended on a sunny day". Almost looks like a modern top down JRPG from the 90s but not? Hard to explain. I'll embed the trailer here. It kinda looks interesting.

American Arcadia

By Mark Serrels

American Arcadia seems to be set in a weird dystopian future. Kinda cool. 

Goat Simulator 3

By Mark Serrels

Holy crap, Goat Simulator? This is honestly such an incredible trailer. Highlight of the show so far. No gameplay, just an amazing trailer that made me laugh out loud. Coming out later this year on the Epic Store.

Apparently that trailer was a parody of the Dead Island trailer from a while back. Deep cut.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

By Mark Serrels

Sorry I can't muster a single shred of energy for this. I guess there's new characters and what not, but this is just another cinematic trailer and I'm not into it. 

I guess Hulk is the big reveal here from this trailer, but meh.

Comes out October 2022.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

By Mark Serrels

Cuphead is hitting June 30, which is THIS MONTH. 

Cuphead rules and this is well timed with the Netflix show. We've got new gameplay footage here, which looks as great as you'd expect, because -- once again -- Cuphead is very cool.

Neon White

By Mark Serrels

Apparently a game where you play as assassins fighting for the chance to ascend from hell to heaven. Seems like a mad, hyper paced first person parkour game with... cards? Not much to go on here. Seems weird. That's cool I guess.

Midnight Fight Express

By Mark Serrels

Midnight Fight Express is being made by a single person based out of Poland? Wow. This has big Hotline Miami vibes. Hotline Miami is one of my favourite games ever, so hell yeah to this.


By Mark Serrels

I don't play this game, so please forgive my mad ignorance on this one. 

They're unveiling a fresh look at The Duvari Paradox. 

Honkai Startrail

By Mark Serrels

Another game in space. I am exhausted.

This one at least looks a little different. It's got a cel-shaded anime aesthetic and is very JRPG. Also seems to feature steampunk elements and a teenager playing a guitar. Seems interesting. Who even knows.

Zenless Zone Zero

By Mark Serrels

This one was announced a couple of weeks ago, but I think this is our first look. 

Zenless Zone Zero seems to be an action game, with the same anime, cel shaded aesthetic as the last game we saw. Sure, why not. Both of these games are from the creators of Genshin Impact, should have mentioned that before.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

By Mark Serrels

This was announced at a previous Geoff Keighley thing, and it looks cool. Features six players, adding Casey whatshisname and Splinter as playable characters.

This one comes out June 16, so you'll be able to play it like next week.

One Piece Odyssey

By Mark Serrels

I love One Piece, but I've never played a game based on a manga that wasn't mediocre. 

This is an RPG written by the series creator Oda though... that could potentially change things.

I have to say though, I don't really like the way this game looks. Doesn't feel very One Piece if I'm being honest.

Coming 2022.

Soul Hackers 2

By Mark Serrels

They showed off a gameplay trailer and a release date -- August 26.

Metal Hellsinger

By Mark Serrels

This is a bullet hell FPS with a mad metal soundtrack. Sounds like someone's dream game and I respect that out. You can play this one already -- a demo is out now. It has a crazy soundtrack with heaps of people who are famous in that genre. Not my thing, but absolutely knock yourself out.

The Quarry

By Mark Serrels

We've got a launch trailer for The Quarry, the successor to Until Dawn, which was absolutely AMAZING.

I've been hankering after this one. The trailer looks great. I cannot wait to play this game. Luckily I won't have to wait long. 

This one seems to be really... funny? It's literally out tomorrow.


By Mark Serrels

This is a weird, dark fantasy thing with cards? Heaps of games have cards now I guess. It features some really cool enemy design and you can build towns. I have no idea what the hell is going on here I'll be honest with you. I wish this show would end.

Saints Row

By Mark Serrels

They're announcing a "boss factory" thing? I guess it's like a mad customisable character creator tool where you can mess about and build your own character ahead of the game's release? This thing looks serious. A huge part of Saints Row is creating the wildest character possible. This is a great idea I think.

You can download it now.

Warhammer 40k: Darktide

By Mark Serrels

There are so many Warhammer games it can be tough to figure out which ones are good. I don't know if this one is good. Is it good? It looks okay! It's got a wild sense of scale and you face off against genuine hordes. Heaps of enemies.

Comes out Sept 13.

Layers of Fears

By Mark Serrels

This is a horror game made in the Unreal 5 engine, which everyone knows is the spookiest engine.

This doesn't look that great to be honest.

Gotham Knights

By Mark Serrels

Looks like we're getting a new look at Gotham Knights, which is another game I'm not that excited about. God I'm old.

We're getting our first look at Nightwing. 

To be totally honest, this game could potentially be good. Co-op Arkham Asylum isn't a terrible idea. I just always feel like co-op waters this type of game down. 

The Last of Us Part 1

By Mark Serrels

Looks like Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog is here to announce the remaster. Shame it leaked because this would have been a nice surprise.

Looks like they're announcing a Last of Us multiplayer game, a standalone game. They've got concept art here and Druckman is really trying to sell the scale of it. It's coming out next year. 

They're talking about the upcoming HBO Last of Us show now. Druckmann got to direct an episode -- very cool.

The Last of Us on HBO

By Mark Serrels

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are here now. They're gonna be in the show, which is pretty cool considering they played Joel and Ellie in the original. Very tight lipped on exactly what they're gonna doing on the show.

And that's it...

By Mark Serrels

Oh my lord. That really was a bit of a bust. 

I guess the big announcement was The Last of Us and that got leaked. Either way, there was almost nothing significant to speak of. Folks tuning in for Elden Ring DLC or Death Stranding 2 will have to wait I guess.

Either way, thanks for sticking around. Have a good one. I'm signing off!