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The Most Exciting Tech in the World

From X-rays to XXX tech, CNET editors from around the globe get personal about the tech that fires them up the most.

The real reason why drone delivery wins

Hint: It has nothing to do with pizza.

Kale, yeah! This veggie farm is literally a concrete jungle

Sustenir's vertical garden is one of the coolest things I've seen all year.

Your future phone screen could touch you right back

Device screens that roll, fold, feel like fabric and let you peer right through them are turning passive displays into active tech -- and it's really, really cool.

Your phone and your car are about to become besties

The way you access your phone from your car is going to change things forever, and that's great.

Wanna buy back hours of your life? UberEats and Rinse will help

UberEats, InstaCart and Rinse are breathing life into stagnant industries while giving me more free time. I'm sold.

Who's driving this bus? Nobody

Autonomous cars are all well and good. But if you want to make everyone's life better, look to your city's buses.

How VR can crack open movies and video games -- for the better

VR puts you in the center of the action. And that's going to revolutionize the way movie- and gamemakers tell stories. It's time to get ready.

You are getting X-ray vision and special powers thanks to AR

Once augmented reality really works, you'll feel naked without it.