The Finalists

The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.


It allows you to keep in contact with your friends, school and favourite bands. It should win because it is innovative, simple and user friendly no matter what age you are.


A Web-based blogging platform owned by Google.


An online publishing service that lets you design books with text and photos, then get them printed and sent out.


A live blogging service that can be integrated on nearly every blog or Web site. Information is updated live to all viewers as soon as the author or authors publish it.


A social news site. Users submit stories then vote on them to promote some to the front page.


A Web document hosting service. Users can upload and manage their documents, or view other people's documents right in their browser.


A social network for dogs and the people who own them.


A publishing and content management system. Users can add all sorts of content to Web pages through a system of modules.


A popular social networking service. Originally offered to college students, it later opened up its doors to anyone with an e-mail address.


A popular social network and one of the first sites to offer user profiles and the capability to network with others.

Gaia Online

A mix of social networking and massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).


A social networking site with more than 70 million members worldwide.


An online directory of people used both for business and social networking.


A social publishing community with just over 19 million different journals created since launching in 1999.


A marketplace for user created goods. Writers, artists, and photographers can sell their creations through Lulu, which handles the storefront and publishing.


A multi-network instant-message service that runs in your browser window and on mobile phones.


One of the most well-recognized social networks in the world. It's also one of the most trafficked on the Internet.


Allows users to create and manage their own social network using a modular design and toolset.


Aggregates activity from you and your friends everywhere they are on the Web. It's also an online calendar and address book tool.


A social news site and community. Users vote stories up and down and have rich discussions in each story's comment section.


An online documents host. Users can upload, search, and browse through documents right in their browser.


Lets anyone play dress-up with virtual dolls. New dolls based on celebrities or other famous figures are being added constantly.


Half content discovery, half social network. It lets users rate content they like, and jump to new sites based on past ratings.


A blogging tool that works with all sorts of media and is set up to let users subscribe to, and re-share each other's entries.


A microblogging service that lets users publish 140-character messages out to the world.

Typepad (and the MovableType platform)

Six Apart's blog pushing tools. TypePad is a hosted blog service while MovableType must be hosted on the user's servers.


Six Apart's free blog service. Users can upload photos and push out posts to their own private or public blog.


A free reference tool with which multiple people can get together and create dynamic wikis.


A white-paper wiki service that lets site owners add wiki elements to their sites and brand them to match.

Wordpress (and the WordPress platform)

Automattic's two blogging services. is hosted, while can be installed free of charge on a user's own servers.

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