The Finalists

The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.


A collection of how-to guides and informational articles, written or sourced by experts. pulls information from several different reference sites to provide answers to user questions.


Lets users search the Web for links, images, videos, driving directions, and news, along with local city listings and shopping links for products.


Aggregates news from blogs and organizes it by what's buzzing.


A Wiki-style encyclopedia with entries that are fact-checked and written by community members who use their real names.


A social search engine that creates a graph of how you're connected to friends, family, and other people on the Web.


Tells you how to do just about everything with how-to guides written by experts.


Lets users ask questions and get them answered by an online community. Features asking via IM and viewing responses coming in in real time.


A semantic search engine that attempts to show how things are connected by linking together multiple results.


A human powered database that can power developer-created applications.


The most popular search engine on the Internet, lets users search the Web, blogs, images, and more.


A semantic search engine, a technology that lets users search the Web using everyday word combinations.


User-created how-to videos that are built with professionaly-created templates and play on a video player that breaks up each step into a segment.


A search helper tool. It works on multiple platforms from desktop browsers to the iPhone.


Lets you purchase advertising based on keywords or phrases you choose.

Live Search

Microsoft's free Web search tool that plugs into various Microsoft Web properties as well as general indexing for pages all over the Internet.


A search engine where the search results are created by humans. It's also a live news site where paid contributors post news briefs.


Combines results from top search engines then lets users vote on and reorder them to be more relevant. .


A search engine that presents the results in large thumbnails that can be navigated like album covers.


Tracks the latest tech news from all around the Web and updates throughout the day.


Tracks stories around the Web and organizes them on a news page. It also gives each post authority based on how many other blogs are linking to it.

Twitter Search

Search engine (formerly Summize) lets users search user tweets in real-time and view words or topics that are trending.

Web MD

An encyclopedia of medical information and advice, from prescription medicines all the way to medical procedures.


Provides user-generated and maintained Wiki articles about how to do things.


A free online encyclopedia. Instead of being authored by a select group of editors, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone anywhere, and at any time.


A free people search engine that lets you find individuals by first and last name, and by where they live.


Scours your e-mail in-box to help you find and organize attachments.


Yahoo's front page is an ever-changing collection of links and information, and soon the home of third-party apps and services.

Yahoo Boss

An online real estate agency that matches sellers up with buyers and provides a localized agent to help them sell.

Yahoo Search

The second most popular search engine in the world, it indexes Web results, images, video, and more.

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