The Finalists

The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.

30 Boxes

An online calendar service that lets users organize their month, day, and year with information from various social networks.


A project management tool from 37Signals. It helps groups organize tasks, share files, and track progress.


A Web-based list making tool that lets you collaboratively create and share with friends.


A team collaboration tool that focuses on file sharing and live chat. It also integrates with the rest of 37Signals' collaboration services.


A collaboration tool for teams to sync up their schedules and files. Also provides a tracking system for project status so all members can see how far along they are.


A feedback tool for designers to share and track changes and recommendations with asynchronous feedback.

Dabble DB

A hosted database that offers multiple ways to explore your data.


Gives companies a way to offer up their software as an online service, both with a marketplace and a distribution platform.


Puts invoices and time tracking in your browser, letting you manage your business in the cloud.

Google Calendar

Puts your personal calendar in the browser, and lets you create and manage appointments and subscriptions to Web calendars in the same place.

Google Docs

A collection of online office programs including a word processor, spreadsheet tool, and a presentation maker.

Intuit QuickBase

An online database creation tool. Users can create and maintain databases right in their browser.


A tool that helps multiple parties find good times to get together for a meeting.

Liquid Planner

A Web-based project management tool that includes time sheets reporting, scheduling, and group discussion.


Lets you log into and use multiple computers remotely without any special hardware.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business

Gives businesses a free Web site and domain name registration, along with e-mail and shared storage.


An online finance management tool. Can track spending, credit cards, and bank accounts..


Both a real time and asynchronous collaboration tool that lets a group of people conduct a Web meeting or track changes and recommendations on a project.

Office Live Workspace

Microsoft's tool for sharing Office documents and mission critical files between multiple users.


A module-based productivity tool. You can custom tailor to match the types of tasks you're using it for.


A suite of Web-based office tools including a spreadsheet editor and an online word processor.

QuickBooks Online

Lets you manage your business online by creating invoices that can be tracked alongside expenses.

Quicken Online

Shows what's left in your bank account, your risk of overdraft, your risk of a low balance, and the expected spending you will incur in the next 30 days.

Remember the Milk

Makes your to-do items and reminders available in Gmail, via SMS, the iPhone, Windows Mobile devices, Skype, and popular IM clients.


A hosted tool for businesses to keep track of current customers and potential ones.

ThinkFree Online

A suite of free Web-based office applications including a word processor and shared storage for group files.


Helps multiple parties find a single time to meet based on each other's availability.


An online finance tool. It specializes in helping you save money where it finds you're spending too much in certain areas where you could be saving.

Yahoo Calendar

Yahoo's online calendar is deeply integrated with Yahoo's Web e-mail service and lets users schedule out their days, months, and years.


A collection of online office tools, from word processing to personal productivity.

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