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The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.

Amazon Video on Demand

Service lets users purchase and rent movies billed straight to their Amazon account through a variety of set top boxes.


A suite of online design tools that emulate desktop applications and let you transfer work from one app to another.


A video search engine with an index of over 35 million clips, many of which can be watched from the results page.

A video hosting service and sharing community. The company also handles advertising and distribution.


Free media center software that runs on multiple platforms and streams content from all over the Web including music and movies.


Yahoo's photo and video sharing community. Users can upload and organize their photos, then share them with others.


A free Web-based photo editing service that works with photos from your hard drive, or various social networking sites.


Lets you watch full-length movies and TV shows in your browser, and unlike some services that do this, the content is distributed by the companies that created it.


Lets you watch full-length movies, TV shows, and other Web content in your browser and on some mobile devices.

A live streaming platform that lets anyone record what they're doing to a channel they own. Users can watch live, or after the broadcast has ended.


A platform that lets users share live video, pictures, and audio from a variety of devices through branded channels they can manage.


A video broadcasting tool that lets anyone create their own online show, complete with support for multiple cameras and guests.


It started out as a mail-order DVD rental service and has since moved on to stream movies and TV shows to a multitude of devices.


Hosts more than 7 billion user images and videos, and lets users share their photos on blogs and social networking profiles.

Picasa Web Albums

Google's free photo hosting service. It's closely tied to Google's Picasa software program and can be synced up with the photos users have on their desktop.


A browser-based photo editing service that lets you edit photos from your hard drive or from various social networks and photo hosts.


Turns most phones with video cameras into personal broadcasting devices. The service also archives live footage for viewing later.


Both a photo host and a printing service, aimed at people who want to share photos with friends and family then get them printed.


Lets you watch full-length TV shows in your browser and if you have one of Sling's set-top boxes, you can watch shows you've recorded from your DVR.


A photo and video hosting service designed for both casual and professional photographers.


A live video streaming service that lets anyone host and distribute their own Web show.

Sumo Paint

Lets you edit photos right in your browser, and has an interface very similar to a desktop software application.


Allows anyone with a Webcam or video camera to broadcast a live show that can be watched even after it's been recorded.


Combines a video feed with slides from a slideshow. It lets viewers who are watching a presentation get a similar experience to actually being there.


A video broadcasting service that lets you securely share a live or pre-recorded video feed.


A video host and publishing tool and one of the first services to introduce the idea of tags and comments for specific times of a video.


A video host that's focused on creative projects from its users. It was also one of the first services to offer streaming HD video.


A set of browser-based tools that let you create dynamic media slideshows and galleries.


A free video hosting service owned by Google. It's recently begun offering HD video.


A photo sharing and hosting service. It offers support for multiple languages and geotagging, the process that lets users place their photos on a map.

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