The Finalists

The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.

Angie's List

A collection of professionally certified home services that's maintained and curated by experts.

Ask Maps

A collection of professionally certified home services that's maintained and curated by experts.


A collection of reviews and guides curated by both professionals and users for local businesses and landmarks.


One part calendar and one part social network. You plug in your traveling schedule and it will tell you who else will be there at that exact time.


A collection of user-created hiking trails that's curated by the people who created them.


An online invitation service and party planning tool that lets you design invites, send them out, then track who's coming to an event.


A location-based social service from Yahoo. Its APIs allow other services to build location awareness into their own apps.


Tracks flight delays and airport closures around the world so you can avoid them before you leave the house to go somewhere, or pick someone up.


Google's free 411 service. Users can either type in their search or speak it into their phones.

Google Earth

Google's 3D maps software. Its latest version added historical maps and a recording feature that lets you share your routes with others.

Google Latitude

A service for sharing your location with friends. It works on a variety of phones and can be set to keep your privacy limited to just the people you want.

Google Maps

Google's free online maps service. It provides driving directions, traffic, and search results for local businesses.

Live Search 411

Microsoft's free voice-powered 411 service. Users can get free search from their phones with just their voice.

Live Search Maps

Microsoft's free online maps tool. It provides driving directions, traffic, and search results for local businesses.


Helps you find a public or private toilet to use when you're out and about. Its database is curated and moderated by its users.


A product search tool that helps you figure out if things are in stock in the stores close by.


Lets you make reservations at restaurants without having to call or show up in person.

Tracks local news and links based on location. It automatically figures out where you're visiting from and will filter in its news to match.


A collection of demographic and census information, displayed as map overlays that can be searched, sorted, and toggled on and off.


Gives you detailed information about certain airplane seats before you book a ticket, including if they're limited in leg-room or otherwise undesirable.


A party planning and invitation service. You can plan for and track progress on events before and after they happen.


Provides local knowledge of neighborhoods and locations sourced by users.


Local news from around the Web based on the city you set it on.


A collection of user reviews for hotels, restaurants, and landmarks. Users can also search for flights and make travel reservations.


Makes keeping track of travel information easier by aggregating it into one place.

Weather Bug

Provides free weather reports from around the world.

Yahoo Friends on Fire

Facebook tool that uses Yahoo's Fire Eagle to share your location with friends.

Yahoo Maps

A free online mapping service that provides directions and search results for businesses.


Lets users review and rate local businesses and landmarks.


Lets customers review restaurants and other businesses with anywhere from one to five stars.

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