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The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.

Adobe AIR

A runtime designed by Adobe Systems that powers rich Internet applications that run right on the desktop and soon mobile devices.

Amazon Web Services

Comprised of five different services that help power many of today's biggest Web services, including S3 storage and EC2 elastic cloud computing.

Appistry CloudIQ

A suite of products for businesses to tap into the cloud for processing power and business applications that need multiple machines to help them run.

Apple MobileMe

Syncs information across multiple devices. It's also a suite of online services like Web page hosting, Web mail, calendaring, and photo sharing.


A peer-to-peer technology that allows large file transfers to be distributed across several computers and connections, taking the burden off a single server.

An online file storage service. It's also got built-in collaboration tools that let teams work on projects and track revisions to the files that are stored on its servers.


Online backup service that syncs up the data on your computer with a virtual drive in the cloud. Users can view and retrieve files from the Web, and in case of a total loss of data, they can download the entire contents of their hard drive to a new computer.


An online storage service that centers around the idea of "drops." Each drop is a compartmentalized folder of data with its own identity, meaning you can share its contents with others without having to provide access to the rest of the files you have stored on the service.


Provides an online folder that can be synced up across multiple computers. Any files you add locally get synced up to all your other computers, and you can access the stored files from your browser.


Eventful is the leading search engine for events , which combines social networking and community tools to enhance event discovery and tracking, with tools to enable fans to create viral, grass-roots campaigns to "demand" that a desired event happen (concerts, lectures, film screenings, book signings, etc).

Facebook Connect

Allows site developers to let visitors of their site log in with their Facebook account to use features that previously would have required registration. In turn, whatever they do on the site can be promoted back in Facebook.


A cloud services company that lets you rent and monitor online servers from your browser.

Google App Engine

Lets developers run their Web applications on Google's servers. There's both a free and a paid service, which lets heavy users get more bandwidth than the free allotment.

Google Friend Connect

Lets visitors to your site sign in and register using their Google Account. It also lets site owners add Google powered services to their site without any coding knowledge.

Google Gears

A tool that lets you download online data for offline use. It must be coded as part of the application, but allows you to use some apps even when you're not connected to the Internet.


Suite of add-ons for site owners to tack on community functionality to their pages, including enhanced comments, ratings, and live chat.

Jungle Disk

Gives consumers a straightforward way to tap into Rackspace and Amazon's S3 storage service like they would a folder on their own computer.

Live Mesh

Microsoft's data synchronization service. It works across multiple devices and platforms.

Live Sky Drive

Microsoft's Web-based storage service. Users get 25 GB of free storage that's shared across several other Microsoft Web services.


A ready-to-wear back-office suite that brings a host of interconnected apps to small business users.


Makes it easy to deploy Web services. Includes APIs for which you can use Mashery as a middleman to control access to that data on a user-to-user basis.

Microsoft Live Sync

Both a file-mirroring service and a remote access tool. Users can pick a file that they want mirrored on other computers, and they can dig around the hard drive of a remote computer to get at files they don't have locally.


An online backup service. You can back up individual files, or an entire computer.

MySpace Data Availability

Lets developers build MySpace's social features into their apps and sites. This includes a back and forth for information, and the capability to log in to third party apps and services using MySpace log-in credentials.


Manages the transfer of protected data and publishing rights from one service to another.


Lets you use your verified credentials from one site in another, all in place of having to sign up for yet another log-in.


A program that lets developers build social applications for multiple Web sites at once.


Streams content from one device to another, letting consumers get at files without having to use physical media or transfer over entire files.

Ribbit Amphibian

An online telephone service that connects Web-based phone calls to a variety of phone networks, including VoIP.


Microsoft's runtime enhances rich media Web applications by letting them do things the browser is not coded to allow.


Gives users a simple way to share and transfer large files or large groups of files to one another with security and privacy.

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